The Greater Milford Community Health Network, also known as CHNA 6, is looking to support emergency food and toiletry programs in the region in order to ensure that everyone who needs access to these resources are able to receive it. 


Based on successful models in other regions, we have created a monthly calendar that can be widely shared with the community so everyone can know about all the amazing resources that are available to them. This will also help us identify any gaps, that we as community, could work together to address! 

  • For link click here. We also have a downloaded QR code that you can easily use and share (download available below). 
  • If you would like to see an additional resource on the calendar, please email 
  • Google Chrome allows you to access the calendar in all languages! In order to do this, you must download a Google Chrome Extension called “Google Translate”. For more information, click here


Milford MA Food Provider Schedule QR Code
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CHNA 6 CHIP Meetings: 

Work on the Greater Milford Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is underway and your voice is important!  The CHIP will serve as the roadmap for the coalition’s grantmaking and programs for the next three to five years.


Members of CHNA 6 were invited to gather virtually to help recommend the priority areas for the CHIP.  On October 7, 25 nonprofit and municipal and human service staff participated in the first of a series of meetings.  Participants discussed the results of the Community Health Assessment and the ways the region can strategically work together to improve the well-being of residents.


While continuity of participation is critical, it is not too late to become involved.  If you missed the meeting and would like to help shape this work, please email or


The meeting schedule and Zoom links are as follows:



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