Revised CHIP (October 2017)

In 2013, the Greater Milford Community Health Network: CHNA 6 undertook an 18-month process to create a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for the Greater Milford region.  The 2015 CHIP prioritized the findings from the 2012 Community Health Assessment (CHA) and involved over 45 healthcare providers, municipal agencies, and community-based organizations in the process.  


The CHIP provides a framework for organizations to work collaboratively to address the region’s most pressing health issues.  This “collective impact” strategy allows for larger-scale and more lasting social change than could be achieved by individual agencies working in isolation.  It was used as a guide for the CHNA’s 2016 grantmaking.


The steering committee of the CHNA was charged with revisiting the CHIP each year to “improve and further align expectations with outcomes.”  During the summer of 2017 and October of 2017, the steering committee worked to evaluate the outcomes of current grantees and how well they met the objectives of the CHIP.  


What follows is a revised CHIP that focuses on fewer objectives within each of the four priority areas.  By focusing on efforts that have the greatest potential for change and that are realistic and measurable, the steering committee expects the CHIP to lead to greater impact. Click here for revised CHIP. 

Dear Greater Milford Community,


We are pleased to present the 2015 Greater Milford Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), produced by the Greater Milford Community Health Network: CHNA 6. The CHIP is the culmination of an 18 month process beginning in March 2013 with the first strategy meeting of CHNA 6 to prioritize key findings of the 2012 Community Health Assessment (CHA). During the following year, all CHNA 6 meetings were devoted to meeting in work groups to develop goals, objectives and strategies for the priority areas. We have had the privilege of working with so many incredible, passionate people during this process. We learned a great deal about group process and working together in areas of mutual interest and expertise. Work groups bonded over the span of the year and grew in number to include as many agencies and individuals as possible. Ultimately, the CHIP reflects who was at the table, however the process continues to evolve with new voices and content experts.


The CHNA 6 steering committee and work group leaders have been instrumental in dedicating their time and energy to this plan and the process. Our hope is for the CHIP to balance ideal outcomes with realistic expectations. We expect to keep work groups and the greater community engaged in seeking the best means to achieve the objectives laid out in the CHIP. We know that progress has already been made in many areas even before the ink is dry as a result of the inherent collaboration and shared vision of the coalition.


We believe that the success of the CHIP will bring improved health outcomes to so many residents of our region. CHNA 6 is fortunate to be able to offer substantial grants over the next several years to meet many of these goals and objectives. During this process, we are committed to identifying and replicating successful initiatives and programs to improve the health of our communities. We are also committed to revisiting the CHIP each year to improve and further align expectations with outcomes. We invite all of you to participate, to seek solutions for strategies identified in the plan, and to develop a community wide effort in the priority areas of eliminating health disparities, improving the access and availability of health care, reducing chronic diseases, and preventing substance abuse and mental health disorders.


Many thanks to Steve Ridini and Amanda Ayers from Health Resources in Action, Inc. (HRiA) for their work and guidance, and to all of you for taking the time to read this plan and to consider how you can contribute to its success. 

Greater Milford Community Health Improvement Plan
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